Monday, October 15, 2012

Do something worthwhile!

Salam and greeting to everyone,especially the form 3 students who have just seated for their PMR! So,what's your plan? Are you going to skip school? I hope not!I have always love school and I first stepped into school when I was 3 (as my dad was a teacher) then. As far as I could remember, I could already read before I entered school. I used to read the passing cars' plate number and I read all the signboards in my small town. I even read the old magazines used to wrap the groceries my mum bought. Sometimes, I found many beautiful pictures of home magazines, flowers and animals. I cut all the pictures and made scrapbooks. As a kid, I was so engrossed exploring and creating new things from anything I got hold on (usually with my mum's permission). The word "boring" was never included in my list of vocabulary. To me, everyday was an exciting day. If I could not find anything to play with at home, I would pick the dried leaves, eye their "veins" and draw them on some white papers which were generously given to me by one of my so many uncles (my dad has 4 brothers who were still single then...they gave me a lot of presents ...pen, story books,jeans etc) When I entered primary school, I fell in love with writing. I had written a lot of short stories and poems since then. I used to write a diary but it was only for a short while because I fell asleep halfway. I used to draw cartoon for friends too. You know the picture of cartoon on the pencil box? I used to get first place in class and my teacher gave me a beautiful pencil box as a present.I continued drawing until I was at the university.In fact, I am still drawing ( but not as much as I used too). Even now when the retiring age is nearer, I still have a lot of ideas and things to do.When all my energy has been drained by my own busy routine, I still have the time to read. Reading a book a week is the least I can do.(but..I have to make sure meals are ready for the mischievous boys at home. Their sister isn't home to help me) So my dear, I hope all of you won't waste your time. Do something worthwhile!Do something that you are passionate about. May you get the results you desire. Aamiin.


Fairuz Nafisah said...

hye there! Are you teacher? can you help me in my english? my english is too weak :( FYI, this year i will take PMR. ASAP reply my comment! Love you! :*

Anonymous said...

Hye there! are u teacher? firstly, i love ur blog :D can you help me in my english... my english is too weak :( help me please... because, this year i will take PMR. ASAP reply my comment ! love you :*