Monday, September 10, 2012

The theme "Adventure"

The theme “Adventure” is depicted clearly by Jules Verne in the novel “Around the World in 80 Days”. The first adventure Fogg has encountered is in India. There, the railway track is discontinued at Allahabad. Yet, Fogg finds his way out. He manages to buy an elephant and hires an Indian guide to take him to Culcutta. As the guide takes him and his company through the jungle, they come across a gang of robbers taking a daughter of a rich merchant as a hostage. Instead of ignoring what they have seen, Fogg and his company go on a rescue mission. So, Fogg then has to take the girl named Aouda with him on his travel around the world in 80 Days. In Hong Kong, Fogg’s journey is threatened by the missing of his butler, Passepartout. He also misses the ship which should take him to Yokohama. Yet, Fogg remains calm and finds a boat which is willing to take him to Yokohama. It is not an easy ride though for the sea is rough and the wind is strong. In Japan, he finally reunites with his butler while the poor man is performing at a circus. Fogg’s adventure does not end in Japan. In America, he faces yet more adventures. While on a train from New York to California, the train is robbed by a gang of bandit who later kidnaps Passepartout. He embarks yet on another rescue mission and missed the train. However, being adventurous, he uses a sledge to continue his journey. In this novel, Fogg as the main character has indeed encountered a lot of interesting adventures. Therefore, adventure is definitely one of the themes of this novel.

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