Monday, August 6, 2012

Synopsis of Around The World in 80 Days

The story begins in England. It is about a man named Fogg. He is a rich bachelor who lives alone in a big house with a butler. However no one knows the source of his wealth. He has a few regular habits and very fussy. He fires his former butler, James Foster for bringing him his shaving water two degrees too cold. He then hires Passepartout , a Frenchman of about 30. Later that day in the Reform Club, he gets into a conversation with his friends as to whether it is possible to go around the world in 80 days. He believes it is possible and takes the challenge with a bet of 20,000 pounds. So he and his butler go on their adventure carrying only a carpetbag containing a few clothes and a lot of money. During the travel, he is followed by Detective Fix who assumes that Fogg is the bank robber. Fix believes Fogg is the robber as he matches the description of the bank robber. While in the journey, Fix befriends Passepartout. Fix makes Passepartout wonder whether his master might be the robber. However Passepartout trusts that his master is a good and honest man. Fogg has to face many problems throughout his journey. One of them is when the train in India is discontinued and he has to buy an elephant to continue his journey. There he runs across a gang of bandits and bravely saves Aouda. While in Hong Kong, he also misses the ship to Yokohama. Another problem is when the train from San Francisco to New York is robbed by a gang of robbers and Passepartout is kidnapped. He then misses the dateline when Fix arrests him at Liverpool. However, in the end, everything goes well. Fogg wins the wager and finds a beautiful Aouda as his wife.

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The fun novel!!