Friday, November 12, 2010

Exercise: "The Prisoner of Zenda"

Fill in the blanks with the words listed below.

watch adventurous colourful befriend dull

fiancée Fritz Experience King Duke Michael

self-esteem lodge Impersonate out honourable

eloped bravery throne character admirabl

Question: Choose one character that you like the most?

I would definitely like to emulate Rudolf Rassendyll from the novel, “The Prisoner of Zenda”, written by Anthony Hope because he has many 1) _____________ qualities.
By being 2)________________, Rassendyll becomes a person with lots of 3) and knowledge at a young age. His adventure in Ruritania makes his life more 4). If he has not decided to 5)_______________ the coronation, he may have not met Princess Flavia, 6) ______________ and Sapt, met the cruel 7) _________________________ and his Famous Six and experience the life of a 8)______________. I myself would like to be adventurous like Rassendyll so that my life won’t be so 9) ________________ .
Through Rassendyll, I learn that one must be 10) ______________ in order to gain respect from others and to maintain 11)_______________. Rassendyll has not 12)____________ with Princess Flavia because he believes that it is not honourable to take something which does not 13)_______________ to him. Princess Flavia is after all the King’s 14)______________. The King has also treated him as a friend and has invited him to have dinner with him at the 15) __________.
Rassendyll furthermore, has shown that courage and 16) ___________are essential qualities to go through life as our life is not always bed and roses. In this novel, Rassendyll 17) _____________ as the King and on the King’s behalf, he takes the 18) _________. This is not an easy task as Duke Michael may find 19) ___________ his impersonation and kill him. Yet, Rassendyll still continues his impersonation in his attempt to rescue the King from Zenda Castle.
By examining the above qualities found in Rassendyll, it is undeniable that he is indeed the best 20) __________________ to emulate.

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