Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Prisoner of Zenda


This novel is about a young man,named Rudolf Rassendyll, who gets involved in the affair of a country called Ruritania. His adventure begins when he visits the country to watch the coronation of the new King.He has to rent a room in an inn in Zenda as there is no vacant room in Strelsau,the capital city of Ruritania.The next morning, he has a walk in Zenda Forest and met The king.To their surprise,they discover that they look similar. They become friend immediately.The King invites him to his lodge where they have dinner together.

While they are having dinner, the King's brother,Duke Michael sends a bottle of wine. The King drinks the wine which has been drugged and as a result becomes unconscious the morning of the coronation. Rassendyll has no choice but to replace the King for the coronation.

At the coronation,he meets Princess Falvia and falls in love at first sight.He does not tell her about his real identity for the King's safety.After the coronation, he has to face many challenges in his quest to save the King.Yet as Princess Flavia is the King's fiancee,he lets her marry the King. He lives alone by himself at the Alps Mountain and visits his friend, Fritz,the King's servant once a year. Through Fritz, both he and Princess Flavia exchange roses.

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