Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Prisoner of Zenda;Character you despise

Question: Which character do you despise most? Why?
I despise King Rudolf, a character found in “The Prisoner of Zenda”, written by Anthony Hope, the most.
First of all, he is an irresponsible person. As the King to be, he has never stayed in his country for a long duration of time. He prefers to visit other countries. The old woman, who owns the Inn in Zenda, claims that she herself has never met the King and does not know what he looks like.
He also does not use his time well. Even when he is in the country, he will go out hunting in the forest. He does not seem to care about what is happening in the country. He is too busy with his hobby.
Moreover, he is a drunkard. He loves wine so much. This is a weakness used by Duke Michael to prevent him from attending the coronation. When he is having dinner at his lodge, a night before the coronation, Duke Michael gave him a bottle of drugged wine. He is found unconscious the next morning and unfits to attend the coronation.
So, it is not surprising that some citizens of Ruritania want Duke Michael to be the King of Ruritania.

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