Thursday, October 8, 2009

Poem "Our Ketupat Raya"

We have been slogging
For 3 years
Homeworks! Abundant of them accompanying
us every day
Extra class,motivaton course, hikmah class and so on
have been tagging
us almost every day

Holidays?None..for we have
School Holiday Programme
Teachers assigned a task for each day
Even Raya was not celebrated
Teachers gave us "Ketupat Raya"
Not rice
cooked in a case made of coconut leaves
But real works
which challenge our mind
No homework please!
What we got was a scornful look from them
and more homework
as punishment.

Teachers say
Practice makes perfect
Your future is in your hand
Told mum and dad
They defended them
Teachers were right!
They are always right!And
will always right

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