Monday, August 17, 2009

DATE: 27/8/2009
Instruction: Read the composition below and fill in the blanks by choosing the corect answers from the options given. You must circle the correct answer and write the answer in the blanks.

I agree with student A that keeping pets like kittens 1) ____________ many advantages. Firstly, keeping pets can help us pass 2)_____________ leisure usefully instead of engaging in negative activities like 3) _____________. We do not need much time to care for them. All we need is to make sure they take their meals 4) ________. It is also not that expensive to keep pets. We also spend just as much money 5) _________ we have other hobbies. It is a question of priority,I would say.
Another 6) ______________ of keeping pets is that it provides with companionship. Just having them around makes us feel good. We can even voice out our problems to our pets 7) _______________ they do not understand a word we say.
Keeping pets 8) _______________ help us become more discipline and responsible.We need 9) ________keep a schedule to feed and take care of our pets. This indirectly teaches us discipline and responsibility. Keeping pets is not a health-hazard. We need to know which pets to choose. Those who are suffering from asthma could keep pets like fish 10) ____________ of furry animals like kittens or puppies.
Lastly, keeping pets helps us to become more caring 11) __________ compassionate towards animals. This will prevent animal cruelty and hopefully there 12) ______________ be fewer animals being sent to the animal shelters.
1) A. has B. have C. had
2) A. us B. we C. our D. ours
3) A. playing B. cycling C. boating D. loafing
4) A. regularly B. quickly C. instantly D. rarely
5) A. while B. when C. as D. if
6) A. advantage B. drawback C. disadvantage D. harm
7) A. but B. however C. whereas D.even though
8) A. can B. cannot C. could
9) A. in B.on
10) A. otherwise B.despite C.instead D.besides
11) A.or B.and C. but D.also
12) B.are C.will D.would

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