Monday, August 17, 2009

DATE: 26/8/2009
Instruction: Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verbs.
18 Jalan Kuching
Taman Melewar
53000 Selangor
Dear Farah,
How are you? I hope you are in the best of health. Have you( 1) _______ (make) a plan on how to spend this coming holiday?
I have (2) _____________(decide) to join Jerejak Summer Camp which shall be (3) __________ (hold) for three days and two nights from 1 st October 2009 until 3rd October 2009.The fee for one person is about RM150.
Accomodationwill be (4) ____________ (provide) for the participants.I will (5) ________ (get) to know many few friends because there will be an “ice breaking” session on the first day.
There is nothing to worry about the food.This is because all meals will be provided during the programme.There will be breakfast,lunch and dinner.Tea breaks are provided too.Before going to bed we will( 6) ___________(have)a light supper.
I am sure that I would (7) ____________ (enjoy) this programme because there are many adventurous activities organised for the participants. A facilitator will (8) ___________(guide)us with the various activities. It is going to be thrilling because there is night trail.
In the mornings, I will (9) __________ (learn)to keep myself fit with the aerobic sessions.You know Farah,I love aerobics. So surely I will (10) __________ (enjoy)this session.
Apart from that, there will be many classroom sessions. We will be (11)____________(give)some motivation speeches.In the evenings,I can (12) ___________(play) games.
Another interesting activity to mention is the cooking activity. We are going to (13) _______(cook )in our camps. That would be fun, isn’t it? Entertainment will also be provided for us.
At the end of the summer camp, there will be a course review and certificate presentation. I am sure that the summer camp is going to be very chalengging. I cannot (14) _________(wait) to go to the camp but whatever it is, I must (15)__________(focus) on the coming PMR examination.
What about you my cousin? Would you like to take part in the summer camp? It will be more fun with you around. Hope to hear from you real soon. Bye.
Your cousin,

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