Monday, August 17, 2009

DATE: 25/8/2009
Instruction: Read the letter to newspaper below and fill in the blanks with suitable words listed in the box below.
skilled raise soon bear co-organised
immediate scheduled housewife cheerful housewife

A Letter to Neswpaper “Appeal For Donation”
SIMPANG RENGAM,Thursday- A toddler aged 2 , is in need of 1) ________________help from the good samaritans. Ng Chee Ling, a bubbly 2) _______________ beautiful baby is suffering from a hole in the heart. Her father, a 3) ____________ labourer who worked at construction site could hardly afford to pay for her RM 25,000 surgery which has been 4) ____________ to take place at the end of this month at Johor Specialist Centre. This little girl cannot wait for a surgery at the National Heart Institute as there is a long queue.
For her mother,a 5) ________________, who has to stop working to look after her, may not be able to see her baby again if a surgery is not done as 6) ____________ as possible. In tears, she says that she cannot 7) _____________ seeing her daughter gasping for breath each time she walks many steps.
Those who wish to 8)_____________,may do so by sending cheques to

Welfare Department
News Bulletin
Jalan Perwira 2
Taman Perwira
86200 Simpang Rengam
Or call 019-777222

The Public can also come to a fund-raising bazaar at Jalan Perwira 2, Taman Perwira. The bazaar is 9) ______________ by News Bulletin and The Local Kindred Club will take place this coming Saturday and Sunday. The purpose is to 10)___________ as much money for Ng Chee Ling and others who may need help in the future.

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