Monday, August 17, 2009

DATE: 23/8/2009
Instruction: Read the composition below .Change the underlined verbs into past tense form.
Last Friday, a fire 1) breaks out in Kampung Damai. It happened when everyone was fast asleep.
Nek Jah, the house owner,2) is alone in the house. Her husband and son had gone to Kuala Lumpur for a few days to sell their farm produce. Nek Jah 3) has a long day at her farm and so was very tired. She 4) wants to drink a cup of coffee before she went to bed. She 5) takes a kettle full of water and left it to boil.
Unfortunately, she 6) falls asleep while waiting for the water to boil. Suddenly, she 7) hears people shouted ‘fire! Fire! ‘. She realised that she had to get out her house fast. A neighbour broke into the house and 8) pulls her out to safety. The fire 9) spreads all over her wooden house very fast.
A few neighbours 10) manage to save some of her belongings. They 11)save her washing machine and sofa set. Some other neighbours tried to put out the fire. The fire brigade was 12) call but arrived late because Kampung Damai was located about 80 kilometres away from the fire station.
Nek Jah’s house was 13) burn down completely but the villagers were glad that their favourite neighbour was safe.The neighbours and everyone living in Kampung Damai 14) promise to rebuild Nek Jah’s house. Everyone 15) collect some money to help Nek Jah.
Nek Jah was grateful to her kind neighbours.
Her husband and son were 16) inform immediately. They were relief that Nek Jah was safe and unhurt.They are grateful to live in a village full of people with “golden heart”.

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