Monday, August 17, 2009

DATE: 22/8/2009
Instruction: Read the composition below and fill the blanks with suitable words listed in the box below.

Helping words
enjoyed collected swept flooded gave interesting temporarily distributed take donation

Helping Others
Last weekend, there was a continuous heavy rain for almost three days in Kampung Delima and the village was 1) ____________. The flood victims were moved 2) _______________ to the village community hall which was situated not far from their village.
The Girl Guides and Boy Scouts from my school helped the flood victims. I was one of them. We had collected some food and 3) _________________ from students and teachers in our school before we left for the shelter.
Firstly we 4) __________________ the food and drinking water to the victims. Each family received three cans of sardine, a packet of rice, five packets of sugar and some drinking water. We also 5) ______________ them some money and new clothes to wear.
Then, we helped to clean the hall. Some of us 6) _____________ and mopped the floor. Later, we 7) _____________the rubbish around the hall compound. We also cleaned the toilets and wiped the windows.
In the evening, we helped to 8) _____________ care of the children because their mothers were too busy cooking. Some of the Girl Guides told 9) ________________ stories to entertain the children. The children really 10) _____________ listening to the stories.
At the end of the day, we were glad that we had the chance to help the flood victims. It was an experience that we would never forget.

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