Monday, August 17, 2009

DATE: 21/8/2009
Instruction: Read the composition below and fill the blanks with suitable words listed on the left side.

Helping words

queued up

The Dirty Hawker

One day, I was feeling very hungry because I had only a 1) ________lunch. So, I went to a burger stall just a short distance away from my school , to buy myself a special meat burger. There were already two 2) ____________ at the stall. One of them was 3) ___________________woman and the other a girl.The woman was the first on line. I 4) ______________ behind the girl and waited for my turn.

The 5) ____________________ was making an “egg banjo” for the woman. First, he put two halves of a bun on the hot pan. While waiting for the bun to be ready, the hawker started 6) ___________________ his head with both hands. After he had a good scratch,he removed the bun and then put the fried egg in between the bun with his dirty fingers. He had not bothered to wash his dirty hand before touching the food! The woman was obviously very upset. She scolded the hawker for being so 7) _____________________.

The hawker could not accept 8) _________________. He shouted back at the woman and chased her away!
The girl and I were shocked to witness his 9) __________________ behaviour .
We left the stall hurriedly.The hawker called out to us but we 10) _______________him.

Since then, I have never bought food from that rude and dirty hawker.

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