Monday, July 27, 2009

Composition question

You have been asked to give a speech entitled “How to Keep Fit and Healthy” during Health Week in your school.Based on the notes below,write out your speech. Elaborate on the notes given to make your speech interesting.

 Get enough sleep
- 7-8 hours a day - rest your mind and body
 Drink a lot of water
- 6-8 glasses a day - get rid off toxin
- do not drink coffee,tea and carbonated drinks
 Eat well
- nutritious food- say no to junk food
 Practise good personal hygiene
- wash hands after visiting the toilet- before meals
 Do regular exercise
- strengthens bones and muscles
- reduces the risk of osteoporisis
 Take supplements
- take certain vitamins
- daily multi-vitamins-higher resistance against infections

Your speech must not be less than 120 words

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