Friday, July 31, 2009

Your task:
Write an article about an interesting place you have visited for your school magazine.
You may use the notes and the pictures below to help you. Please refer to the sample given earlier to write your composition.

Where do you normally go for holiday? Where is it? How far is it from your hometown?

Paragraph 2
Where do you normally stay? Is the rental reasonable? What are the facilities provided at the accommodation?

Paragraph 3
Why do you like to visit the place? What are the interesting spots there? Describe one of your favourite spots.

Paragraph 4
What are the activities that you like to do there?

How do you feel? Would you go there again? Why?

WORD POWER- words that can help you to write a good clear composition

Adjectives used to describe places.
• beautiful
• fascinating
• wonderful
• enchanting
• exciting breathtaking
• popular
• well-known
• famous
• fantastic
Adjectives used to describe feeling.
• happy
• excited
• thrilled
Other useful words/expressions
The island is located on the northern part of Peninsular Malaysia.
The distance from my home to Port Dickson Beach Resort is about 40 kilometres.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Composition question

You have been asked to give a speech entitled “How to Keep Fit and Healthy” during Health Week in your school.Based on the notes below,write out your speech. Elaborate on the notes given to make your speech interesting.

 Get enough sleep
- 7-8 hours a day - rest your mind and body
 Drink a lot of water
- 6-8 glasses a day - get rid off toxin
- do not drink coffee,tea and carbonated drinks
 Eat well
- nutritious food- say no to junk food
 Practise good personal hygiene
- wash hands after visiting the toilet- before meals
 Do regular exercise
- strengthens bones and muscles
- reduces the risk of osteoporisis
 Take supplements
- take certain vitamins
- daily multi-vitamins-higher resistance against infections

Your speech must not be less than 120 words