Thursday, October 8, 2009

Poem "Our Ketupat Raya"

We have been slogging
For 3 years
Homeworks! Abundant of them accompanying
us every day
Extra class,motivaton course, hikmah class and so on
have been tagging
us almost every day

Holidays?None..for we have
School Holiday Programme
Teachers assigned a task for each day
Even Raya was not celebrated
Teachers gave us "Ketupat Raya"
Not rice
cooked in a case made of coconut leaves
But real works
which challenge our mind
No homework please!
What we got was a scornful look from them
and more homework
as punishment.

Teachers say
Practice makes perfect
Your future is in your hand
Told mum and dad
They defended them
Teachers were right!
They are always right!And
will always right

SPM English: Learn a new word

SPM English: Learn a new word

SPM English: Malaysian Culture: A letter to pen-pal

SPM English: Malaysian Culture: A letter to pen-pal

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Post -test: Present tense

Fill in the blanks with the correct form of verbs in the brackets.
1. Most of the girls ____________ (sleep) here.
2. My teacher ____________ (teach) us English Language.
3. Please ________________ (come) quickly.
4. The house ______________ (look) old.
5. The women _______________ (prepare) food for the pupils.
6. ___________________ (tell) him what to do.
7. She ________________ (plant) a lot of orchids in her garden.
8. She ________________ (sing) sweetly.
9. Kamariah ______________ (write) neatly.
10. A few ladies _____________ (clean) the room.
11. Aziz and Azman ____________(cycle) to school.
12. It __________________ (cry) loudly.
13. My mother _______________ (cook) curry every day.
14. The baby _____________ (drink) milk.
15. She ______________ (like) durians very much.
16. The sun _______________ (rise) in the East.
17. They usually _________________ (eat) dinner at 8 o’ clock.
18. Everyone _______________(bring) a red pen each.
19. Someone _______________ (call) me when I am late.
20. Each girl ________________ (stand) up and answer the questions.
21. You __________________(go) to the market and buy some vegetables.
22. The mice ________________ (come) out at night.
23. The sun _______________ (set) in the West.
24. ___________________ (Ask) Ali to see me tonight.
25. A cat ________________ (catch) mouse for food.
26. A bat _________________ (fly) at night.
27. My sister usually ________________(get) up at 5 o’ clock.
28. Mr Tan’s dog is very playful. Many people ________________(like) it.
29. He is very sick. Puan Aisyah ______________ (take) him to the clinic.
30. The water ______________ (flow) swiftly into the drain.
31. My mother ______________ (make) a lot of biscuits for Hari Raya.
32. All the children ______________ (play) in the field
33. Some of the girls ____________ (swim) in the pool.
34. My sister ________________ (ask) some money from me.
35. My headmaster and Encik Ali usually ___________________ (come) to my house.
36. One of the cats _____________ (run) into the hole.
37. All the boys ______________ (help) us.
38. My brother and my cousin _____________ (visit) me in the hospital.
39. The flower _____________ (smell) sweetly.
40. I always ________________ (give) her some money

Monday, August 17, 2009

DATE: 27/8/2009
Instruction: Read the composition below and fill in the blanks by choosing the corect answers from the options given. You must circle the correct answer and write the answer in the blanks.

I agree with student A that keeping pets like kittens 1) ____________ many advantages. Firstly, keeping pets can help us pass 2)_____________ leisure usefully instead of engaging in negative activities like 3) _____________. We do not need much time to care for them. All we need is to make sure they take their meals 4) ________. It is also not that expensive to keep pets. We also spend just as much money 5) _________ we have other hobbies. It is a question of priority,I would say.
Another 6) ______________ of keeping pets is that it provides with companionship. Just having them around makes us feel good. We can even voice out our problems to our pets 7) _______________ they do not understand a word we say.
Keeping pets 8) _______________ help us become more discipline and responsible.We need 9) ________keep a schedule to feed and take care of our pets. This indirectly teaches us discipline and responsibility. Keeping pets is not a health-hazard. We need to know which pets to choose. Those who are suffering from asthma could keep pets like fish 10) ____________ of furry animals like kittens or puppies.
Lastly, keeping pets helps us to become more caring 11) __________ compassionate towards animals. This will prevent animal cruelty and hopefully there 12) ______________ be fewer animals being sent to the animal shelters.
1) A. has B. have C. had
2) A. us B. we C. our D. ours
3) A. playing B. cycling C. boating D. loafing
4) A. regularly B. quickly C. instantly D. rarely
5) A. while B. when C. as D. if
6) A. advantage B. drawback C. disadvantage D. harm
7) A. but B. however C. whereas D.even though
8) A. can B. cannot C. could
9) A. in B.on
10) A. otherwise B.despite C.instead D.besides
11) A.or B.and C. but D.also
12) B.are C.will D.would
DATE: 26/8/2009
Instruction: Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verbs.
18 Jalan Kuching
Taman Melewar
53000 Selangor
Dear Farah,
How are you? I hope you are in the best of health. Have you( 1) _______ (make) a plan on how to spend this coming holiday?
I have (2) _____________(decide) to join Jerejak Summer Camp which shall be (3) __________ (hold) for three days and two nights from 1 st October 2009 until 3rd October 2009.The fee for one person is about RM150.
Accomodationwill be (4) ____________ (provide) for the participants.I will (5) ________ (get) to know many few friends because there will be an “ice breaking” session on the first day.
There is nothing to worry about the food.This is because all meals will be provided during the programme.There will be breakfast,lunch and dinner.Tea breaks are provided too.Before going to bed we will( 6) ___________(have)a light supper.
I am sure that I would (7) ____________ (enjoy) this programme because there are many adventurous activities organised for the participants. A facilitator will (8) ___________(guide)us with the various activities. It is going to be thrilling because there is night trail.
In the mornings, I will (9) __________ (learn)to keep myself fit with the aerobic sessions.You know Farah,I love aerobics. So surely I will (10) __________ (enjoy)this session.
Apart from that, there will be many classroom sessions. We will be (11)____________(give)some motivation speeches.In the evenings,I can (12) ___________(play) games.
Another interesting activity to mention is the cooking activity. We are going to (13) _______(cook )in our camps. That would be fun, isn’t it? Entertainment will also be provided for us.
At the end of the summer camp, there will be a course review and certificate presentation. I am sure that the summer camp is going to be very chalengging. I cannot (14) _________(wait) to go to the camp but whatever it is, I must (15)__________(focus) on the coming PMR examination.
What about you my cousin? Would you like to take part in the summer camp? It will be more fun with you around. Hope to hear from you real soon. Bye.
Your cousin,
DATE: 25/8/2009
Instruction: Read the letter to newspaper below and fill in the blanks with suitable words listed in the box below.
skilled raise soon bear co-organised
immediate scheduled housewife cheerful housewife

A Letter to Neswpaper “Appeal For Donation”
SIMPANG RENGAM,Thursday- A toddler aged 2 , is in need of 1) ________________help from the good samaritans. Ng Chee Ling, a bubbly 2) _______________ beautiful baby is suffering from a hole in the heart. Her father, a 3) ____________ labourer who worked at construction site could hardly afford to pay for her RM 25,000 surgery which has been 4) ____________ to take place at the end of this month at Johor Specialist Centre. This little girl cannot wait for a surgery at the National Heart Institute as there is a long queue.
For her mother,a 5) ________________, who has to stop working to look after her, may not be able to see her baby again if a surgery is not done as 6) ____________ as possible. In tears, she says that she cannot 7) _____________ seeing her daughter gasping for breath each time she walks many steps.
Those who wish to 8)_____________,may do so by sending cheques to

Welfare Department
News Bulletin
Jalan Perwira 2
Taman Perwira
86200 Simpang Rengam
Or call 019-777222

The Public can also come to a fund-raising bazaar at Jalan Perwira 2, Taman Perwira. The bazaar is 9) ______________ by News Bulletin and The Local Kindred Club will take place this coming Saturday and Sunday. The purpose is to 10)___________ as much money for Ng Chee Ling and others who may need help in the future.
DATE: 23/8/2009
Instruction: Read the composition below .Change the underlined verbs into past tense form.
Last Friday, a fire 1) breaks out in Kampung Damai. It happened when everyone was fast asleep.
Nek Jah, the house owner,2) is alone in the house. Her husband and son had gone to Kuala Lumpur for a few days to sell their farm produce. Nek Jah 3) has a long day at her farm and so was very tired. She 4) wants to drink a cup of coffee before she went to bed. She 5) takes a kettle full of water and left it to boil.
Unfortunately, she 6) falls asleep while waiting for the water to boil. Suddenly, she 7) hears people shouted ‘fire! Fire! ‘. She realised that she had to get out her house fast. A neighbour broke into the house and 8) pulls her out to safety. The fire 9) spreads all over her wooden house very fast.
A few neighbours 10) manage to save some of her belongings. They 11)save her washing machine and sofa set. Some other neighbours tried to put out the fire. The fire brigade was 12) call but arrived late because Kampung Damai was located about 80 kilometres away from the fire station.
Nek Jah’s house was 13) burn down completely but the villagers were glad that their favourite neighbour was safe.The neighbours and everyone living in Kampung Damai 14) promise to rebuild Nek Jah’s house. Everyone 15) collect some money to help Nek Jah.
Nek Jah was grateful to her kind neighbours.
Her husband and son were 16) inform immediately. They were relief that Nek Jah was safe and unhurt.They are grateful to live in a village full of people with “golden heart”.
DATE: 22/8/2009
Instruction: Read the composition below and fill the blanks with suitable words listed in the box below.

Helping words
enjoyed collected swept flooded gave interesting temporarily distributed take donation

Helping Others
Last weekend, there was a continuous heavy rain for almost three days in Kampung Delima and the village was 1) ____________. The flood victims were moved 2) _______________ to the village community hall which was situated not far from their village.
The Girl Guides and Boy Scouts from my school helped the flood victims. I was one of them. We had collected some food and 3) _________________ from students and teachers in our school before we left for the shelter.
Firstly we 4) __________________ the food and drinking water to the victims. Each family received three cans of sardine, a packet of rice, five packets of sugar and some drinking water. We also 5) ______________ them some money and new clothes to wear.
Then, we helped to clean the hall. Some of us 6) _____________ and mopped the floor. Later, we 7) _____________the rubbish around the hall compound. We also cleaned the toilets and wiped the windows.
In the evening, we helped to 8) _____________ care of the children because their mothers were too busy cooking. Some of the Girl Guides told 9) ________________ stories to entertain the children. The children really 10) _____________ listening to the stories.
At the end of the day, we were glad that we had the chance to help the flood victims. It was an experience that we would never forget.
DATE: 21/8/2009
Instruction: Read the composition below and fill the blanks with suitable words listed on the left side.

Helping words

queued up

The Dirty Hawker

One day, I was feeling very hungry because I had only a 1) ________lunch. So, I went to a burger stall just a short distance away from my school , to buy myself a special meat burger. There were already two 2) ____________ at the stall. One of them was 3) ___________________woman and the other a girl.The woman was the first on line. I 4) ______________ behind the girl and waited for my turn.

The 5) ____________________ was making an “egg banjo” for the woman. First, he put two halves of a bun on the hot pan. While waiting for the bun to be ready, the hawker started 6) ___________________ his head with both hands. After he had a good scratch,he removed the bun and then put the fried egg in between the bun with his dirty fingers. He had not bothered to wash his dirty hand before touching the food! The woman was obviously very upset. She scolded the hawker for being so 7) _____________________.

The hawker could not accept 8) _________________. He shouted back at the woman and chased her away!
The girl and I were shocked to witness his 9) __________________ behaviour .
We left the stall hurriedly.The hawker called out to us but we 10) _______________him.

Since then, I have never bought food from that rude and dirty hawker.

School Holiday Assignments

DATE: 21/8/2009
Instruction: Read the composition below and fill the blanks with suitable words listed on the left side.

National Day Celebrations in SMK Tangkak

Helping words

The National Day was 1) ______________________in a grand manner in SMK Tangkak this year. A variety of 2) __________________were arranged for the great celebration.
The events started early in the morning. All the students, teachers and parents 3) ________________ at the school field. The first event was the march past accompanied by the school band. Students from various uniformed clubs and societies 4) _______________ in the march past. The students looked smart and marched proudly in their uniforms.
The second event was the raising of the National flags. This was done by the head prefect. The National Anthem was played 5) _________________. The students, teachers and parents sang many 6) _________________ songs.
A number of cultural shows were also held. Students showed their talents in singing and traditional dances. The dances were 7) _________________by students of all races such a the Malay, Chinese and Indians. They wore 8) __________________ costumes and danced gracefully.
The final event for the day was the rhythmic gymnastics performed by students of lower forms. The crowd gave a big 9) __________________ for their wonderful performance. Everyone felt happy as the music played and the ribbons and hoops used by the students were very 10)__________________
The events ended in the afternoon and everyone went back home happily.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Your task:
Write an article about an interesting place you have visited for your school magazine.
You may use the notes and the pictures below to help you. Please refer to the sample given earlier to write your composition.

Where do you normally go for holiday? Where is it? How far is it from your hometown?

Paragraph 2
Where do you normally stay? Is the rental reasonable? What are the facilities provided at the accommodation?

Paragraph 3
Why do you like to visit the place? What are the interesting spots there? Describe one of your favourite spots.

Paragraph 4
What are the activities that you like to do there?

How do you feel? Would you go there again? Why?

WORD POWER- words that can help you to write a good clear composition

Adjectives used to describe places.
• beautiful
• fascinating
• wonderful
• enchanting
• exciting breathtaking
• popular
• well-known
• famous
• fantastic
Adjectives used to describe feeling.
• happy
• excited
• thrilled
Other useful words/expressions
The island is located on the northern part of Peninsular Malaysia.
The distance from my home to Port Dickson Beach Resort is about 40 kilometres.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Composition question

You have been asked to give a speech entitled “How to Keep Fit and Healthy” during Health Week in your school.Based on the notes below,write out your speech. Elaborate on the notes given to make your speech interesting.

 Get enough sleep
- 7-8 hours a day - rest your mind and body
 Drink a lot of water
- 6-8 glasses a day - get rid off toxin
- do not drink coffee,tea and carbonated drinks
 Eat well
- nutritious food- say no to junk food
 Practise good personal hygiene
- wash hands after visiting the toilet- before meals
 Do regular exercise
- strengthens bones and muscles
- reduces the risk of osteoporisis
 Take supplements
- take certain vitamins
- daily multi-vitamins-higher resistance against infections

Your speech must not be less than 120 words

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Speak English

Dear students,
Do you know that the best way to improve your English is to speak the language.You should not be shy.Making grammatical mistakes and mispronunciations are part of learning process. An eminent scholar once said "A shy student will never succeed".
So,my dear students,do speak English to everyone you see in school.