Saturday, December 27, 2008

Writing task for PMR candidates 2009

You are advised to spend about 40 minutes on this question.

As the president of Cleanliness, Health and Safety Club, you are asked to write an article for the school magazine about what students should do and should not do at school in order to keep the school clean, hygienic and safe.

Should do
1.Clean the classroom
2.Throw rubbish into the bins
3.Use the school’s facilities with care
4.Wash hands before and after going to the toilets
5.Walk in line during changes of classrooms
6.Follow all the safety precaution when enter the science laboratory or any other rooms.
Should not do
1.Dirty the classroom –never sweep the floor or clean the board
2.Throw rubbish into the drains /out of the windows
3.Damage school facilities –break the chair etc
4.Climb the balcony
5.Run up and down the stairs - run along the corridor
6.Disobey school’s rules- bring sharp object, miss lesson on physical education

Please add more details to make your composition more interesting.Your composition should be more than 120 words.

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