Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Phrasal verbs

PHRASAL VERB = verb + preposition.
Example: cut (potong) – verb
Cut + into = cut into (Phrasal verb)
New meaning : divided
(dibahagikan kepada beberapa bahagian)


A.Underline the phrasal verbs in the following sentences. Then, use dictionary to find its meaning in English and Malay.

1. Nancy took out 20 cent from her purse to pay the hawker.
2. The bus driver was ticked off for driving recklessly.
3. The tricycle belongs to Harold.
4. Has anything been left out?
5. Mr. Ken has come across many obstacles in life.
6. The teacher will not stand for laziness.
7. The doctor set aside some medicine for urgent use.
8. Rex thought the animal was a leopard but it turned out to be a cheetah.
9. Madam Don pointed out what was untrue.
10. Don’t come up to the roof; it’s dangerous.
11. The child has been admitted to a kindergarten.
12. Pam showed off her new watch to her friends.
13. The postman always goes about with a hat on his head.
14. The clerk went through the notes carefully.
15. The sick baby must be attended to at all times.
16. Do not go against good advice.
17. Dickson passed out as a lieutenant in the air force.
18. Clay gave up the fight after losing the 8th round.
19. It is not easy to give away all your money.
20. Sylvia has given in her name for the choir.

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