Monday, August 11, 2008


IDENTIFYING ERRORS: Read the sentences below and identify the errors.

Sentence with error : There is many people at the zoo.
Correct sentence : There are many people at the zoo.
Type of error : Subject-verb agreement

1. Most of the students is at the field exercising.
2. I must finished my homework by Monday.
3. Hisham father is leaving for Japan this Friday.
4. My mother have told me not to worry about the coming examination.
5. The students in 3A is going for a trip to Langkawi next week.
6. Malaysia is a beutiful country.
7. The men were fishing at the sea yesterday when he saw a mermaid.
8. The striker passes the ball to Hassan and she kicks it hard into the goal.
9. The policemen caught the robber and puts him in the lock up.
10. Eating at home is more better than eating out.
11. You are not allow to wait here.
12. My grandmother bakes an chocolate cake for my birthday.
13. I receive a letter from Johan last Monday.
14. Mrs Hannah delivered Salina home because Salina was sick.
15. The bus driver as well as his passengers were not hurt in the accident.
16. My school won the spelling bee competition for the three time.
17. Reading brings a lot of benefit to us.
18. One of the child is found walking alone at the street.
19. You must studying the question before you answer.
20. When he arrives at the post office, the counter was already closed.
21. While I was having my dinner, my mother was calling me.

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