Monday, August 11, 2008

From Firdaus, the next Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor

What I Would Be in 20 Years Time

Thank you to the master of ceremony. A very good morning to the respected panel of judges, teachers and members of the floor; my name is Muhammad Nor Firdaus bin Mohd Yusoff.

To be honest, I have been looking for some things to talk about today. On my list were global warming, girls and agriculture but I cannot help to find my own future plan as the most interesting of all. So, on this wonderful beautiful morning, I will share with about what I would be in 20 years time.

Now, I am 15 years old and I have already started to imagine and have in fact planned how my future would be. In 20 years time, I would be 35 years old. At that time, I would have a degree on medical studies from Harvard University or probably from University of Malaya. I would have also gained my doctorate in specific area of medical as I want to be a succesfull heart surgeon who rescues many lives and save people from grief. I would work in a government hospital because I believe it is the best place to gain experience and training. When I have enough experience and is stable financially, I would open my own hospital. My hospital would offer the best service for the poor and affluent because my intention of becoming a doctor is based purely to help others.

I also think about following Dr Sheikh Muzaffar Shukor’s footstep on being an astronaut except I would be the first Malaysian to step on Mars. At that time, I would be slimmer and more handsome. I am sure I would be far better looking than him. In Mars, I would take as many specimens I can so that back on earth, I can investigate and examine whether there is a possibility for humans to live on Mars. I would make sure that Mars would be one of the most frequented tourist destinations. Perhaps, I can run a space travel agency. Like Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor, I would like to run a food business which sells variety healthy choices of food. I want to educate Malaysians to eat well and live life to the fullest.

Morever, I would build my own Charity association under my name. What do you think of Firdaus Trustee Foundation? My foundation would aim at educating the children. I want to ensure all children in Malaysia and all over Asia to have quality education. No child would be left behind. No child would be illiterate. Any professionals and members of community could join the foundation. The fee charge for membership would be minimal. Members could contribute according to their ability. I would prefer people who could devote their time for the charity as most programmes that I would plan for the children require time. Imagine those unfortunate children in Acheh. Most of them are victims of tsunami and diseases who are left alone unattended at young age. Many people only provide food, medical and shelter. However, I believe what they need most is the best tool to help them survive in this era of globalisation. The tool, undoubtedly, is education. What I would need is manpower to run schools in Acheh and other places with similar problems. I would need teacher to teach them subject matter and to guide them spiritually. I would need ICT experts to provide them the ICT skills. I need doctor to teach them how to take care of their hygiene. I would also collaborate with other established charitable organisations like Mercy Malaysia and Red Crescent Society to achieve my goal.
The schools that I run for the children in Malaysia and Asia would follow the international curriculum so that the children would be able to compete at the international level. For example, I would build a modern school in remote Sabah. The school would be equipped with ICT, sports facilities and hostels. Teachers would be employed from all over the world.

Like any red-blooded man, I will definitely think of settling down. I would marry a beautiful and intelligent woman. Remember behind a successful man, there is a woman. A great woman should support her husband morally and in crisis, she should be able to give solution. In short, a woman I shall marry would be a woman who has both external and inner beauty. She would love me as much as she loves her life. She would give birth to 2 children, a boy and a girl. We would live in a lovely, comfortable bungalow beautifully situated on a top of a hill, further from the hustle and bustle of the city so that I could have peace.

Furthermore, I would lead an active and healthy life. This is important for wealth is meaningless without a good health. I would wake up early in the morning and jog down and up the hill. Then I would have fruit juice or broccoli juice for breakfast because they are the best anti-oxidant. On weekends, I would spend my time with my family. I would take photographs of my children with nature as the background. I want to teach them to appreciate nature. I would also bring them to bird watching and trekking at forest reserve.
I know maybe some of you think, I am only 15 years old, too young to think about my own future that is abstract or still obscure. I believe such a future plan; will be a target and motivation for me to work very hard, just like an alarm, when I start to be lazy or start to give up on myself.

Before I end my speech, I would like to recite a poem entitled “Children of the Millennium” This poem describes how I perceived my present world and how I want it to be a better place for children like me in the next 20 years.

We, children of the millennium, are small adults
We grow up in a fast 'speed driven' culture,
Where 'learning pressures' change our kind of games,
Where is our childhood, in all this hurly burly,
Where is our pure untainted view of things,
Why do we have to grow so old, so early,
And lose the joy that only childhood brings.

We, children of the millennium live our lives, oblivious to the world
And all the hardships, wars, the grief and sadness,
We stand, waiting for our lives to be unfurled.
We have time to grow, and gain an understanding,
Of each new phase, each change along the way,
As we grow slowly, our senses all expanding,
As children all we want is only a brighter future

So please teach us how to survive in this world
Please guide us to be better citizen of the world

With that, I thank you.


Misz Trouble Maker said...

I enjoys your speech :)

Misz Trouble Maker said...

I enjoy your speech.

Misz Trouble Maker said...

I enjoy your speech.

Jaudah said...

very ambitious. keep it up man.