Tuesday, August 12, 2008

B.Choose and underline the correct phrasal verbs in each of the following sentences.

1.Jill has (given in, given way, given up) hope of finding the ring that dropped into the sea.

2.Miss Lily has never (come up, come into, come across) such a noisy class before.

3.Unexpectedly, the food (turned into, turned out, turned up) to be very delicious.

4.The person who (passed off, passed on, passed out) is under care of Dr Whatt.

5.The dying man must be (attended to, attended by, looked into) round the clock.

6.The paper boats cannot (go by, go on, go against) the flow of water.

7.I want to join the club but I don’t know how to (do about, go about, go through) it.

8.Some passengers are frightened when the train (goes on, goes by, goes through) the tunnel.

9.The bank clerk (attended to, pointed to, admitted to) stealing money.

10.Miss Lucy (got off, let off, showed off) her pleasant voice by singing four songs.

11.The unwanted thing has been (taken off, taken into, taken out) of the house.

12.This is Andrew’s ball; it (points to, belong to, turns to) him.

13.Good workers are never (come off, cast off, ticked off)

14.Do not (give in, give up, give way) to sweet talks.

15.Soft drinks are the most important thing for our picnic; see that they are not (put out, lost out, left out).

16.Gloria (set aside, set up, set off) some rags for making dolls.

17.The doctor gave an injection to the person who (passed off, passed on, passed out).

18.Dr Thomson (points to, points out, look out) the advantage of taking fruit.

19.The frightened girl (gave up, gave in, gave away) the soldier’s hiding place.

20.(Come on, Come up, Come off) to the branch of tree; it is very cool here.

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