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Writing task for PMR candidates 2009

You are advised to spend about 40 minutes on this question.

As the president of Cleanliness, Health and Safety Club, you are asked to write an article for the school magazine about what students should do and should not do at school in order to keep the school clean, hygienic and safe.

Should do
1.Clean the classroom
2.Throw rubbish into the bins
3.Use the school’s facilities with care
4.Wash hands before and after going to the toilets
5.Walk in line during changes of classrooms
6.Follow all the safety precaution when enter the science laboratory or any other rooms.
Should not do
1.Dirty the classroom –never sweep the floor or clean the board
2.Throw rubbish into the drains /out of the windows
3.Damage school facilities –break the chair etc
4.Climb the balcony
5.Run up and down the stairs - run along the corridor
6.Disobey school’s rules- bring sharp object, miss lesson on physical education

Please add more details to make your composition more interesting.Your composition should be more than 120 words.

Friday, December 19, 2008


Last Friday, a fire broke out in Kampung Damai. It happened when everyone was fast asleep.
Nek Jah, the house owner, was alone in the house. Her husband and son had gone to Kuala Lumpur for a few days to sell their farm produce. Nek Jah had a long day at her farm and so was very tired. She wanted to drink a cup of coffee before she went to bed. She took a kettle full of water and left it to boil.
Unfortunately, she fell asleep while waiting for the water to boil. Suddenly, she heard people shouted ‘fire! Fire! ‘. She realized that she had to get out her house fast. A neighbour broke into the house and pulled her out to safety.
The fire spread all over her wooden house very fast. A few neighbours managed to save some of her belongings. They saved her washing machine and sofa set. Some other neighbours tried to put out the fire. The fire brigade was called but arrived late because Kampung Damai is located about 80 kilometres away from the fire station. Nek Jah’s house was burnt down completely but the villagers were glad that their favourite neighbour was safe.
The neighbours and everyone living in Kampung Damai promised to rebuild Nek Jah’s house. Everyone collected some money to help Nek Jah. Nek Jah was grateful to her kind neighbours.
Her husband and son were called home immediately.They were relief that Nek Jah was safe and unhurt.They were grateful to live in a village full of people with “golden heart”.

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Friday, November 21, 2008

Learning Vocabulary is fun

Build 10 words from the word “IMPERSONATION”.(PENYAMARAN)
1. __________________
2. __________________
3. __________________
4. __________________
5. __________________
6. __________________
7. __________________
8. __________________
9. __________________
10. __________________

Two words: 1 mark
Three words: 2 marks
Four words: 3 marks
Five words and above: 6 marks Total marks: ______

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Salam to Form 3 students

PMR is getting nearer each day.Good Luck to all of you.Do your best!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Keep simple and polite!

Good morning teachers and friends, I, Ihsan Hadi as the President of the Environment Club would like to talk about”How to Protect the Environment”

First of all, each one of us can start by not littering. We should throw our rubbish into the rubbish bin instead of anywhere we like. Once I went strolling at a park nearby my house but was disappointed at the sight of rubbish.I saw many empty cans and plastic wrappers lying around.They do not only spoil the beautiful park but they are the best breeding place for aedes mosquitoes.

Another way of protecting our environment is by keeping our rivers clean. We can play our role by not throwing rubbish into the rivers. Meanwhile the factories can stop dumping their toxic waste into them. Plastic wrappers which made up 80 percent of the rubbish can endanger the fish and other aquatic lives while toxic waste can kill them. We, human will consequently suffer as we rely on the rivers for food and water.

Moreover, farmers should avoid open burning in their farming practice because it polutes the air.Open burning can lead to haze which contains poisonous gases such as carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide. These gases can cause many serious diseases. Children who breathe the polluted air may suffer from asthma and some people may even suffer from rashes and eye-diseases.

Finally, we can practice the 3R; Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. Every household should aim at reducing the amount of rubbish thrown.To achieve this aim ,each member of the household can refuse plastic carriers when he goes shopping.He can bring a recyclable carrier or a special shopping bag.The household members can even reuse some items like glass jar as a vase and cans as coin box or as a pen holder.Old newspapers can also be recycled into new papers or reused in paper crafting. If "Reuse,Reduce and Recycle" are put into practice ,the amount of rubbish thrown and the amount of energy used to produce some of the recyclabe items can indeed be reduced.

Clearly, each one of us can contribute towards the conservation of our environment and our efforts should be continuous.Protecting our environment means ensuring the existence of our future generation. With that, I thank you.

A sample of a report writing for a school magazine.

National Day Celebration

SMK Simpang Rengam held a grand National Day celebration on 31st August this year at Kluang Stadium. History Club, as the organiser had done a great job.

The celebration began with a march past by the school band. The boys in the band put on red uniform and a cap. They played beautiful music. Everyone applauded loudly when they entered the stadium and walked past the audiences.

This was followed by the raising of Malaysian flag. Everyone stood up straight and proudly sang our National Anthem and patriotic songs accompanied by the music played by our talented school band.

Then, a few cultural shows were performed by a group of students. They came up on a platform built in the middle of the stadium and danced traditional dances like “zapin” and “inang” gracefully. Another group of students also came up and sang some traditional songs like “ghazal” and “lagu asli” sweetly.

The celebration ended with rhythmic gymnastics. Our school’s gymnasts put up some of their gymnastic acts accompanied by classical and modern music. They used colourful ribbons and hoops. It was fascinating.

Everybody including our Education District Officer who came to give closing speech was speechless. The National Day Celebration would not be forgotten for many years to come.

Reported by
Amirul Hakimi
(Secretary of History Club)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

B.Choose and underline the correct phrasal verbs in each of the following sentences.

1.Jill has (given in, given way, given up) hope of finding the ring that dropped into the sea.

2.Miss Lily has never (come up, come into, come across) such a noisy class before.

3.Unexpectedly, the food (turned into, turned out, turned up) to be very delicious.

4.The person who (passed off, passed on, passed out) is under care of Dr Whatt.

5.The dying man must be (attended to, attended by, looked into) round the clock.

6.The paper boats cannot (go by, go on, go against) the flow of water.

7.I want to join the club but I don’t know how to (do about, go about, go through) it.

8.Some passengers are frightened when the train (goes on, goes by, goes through) the tunnel.

9.The bank clerk (attended to, pointed to, admitted to) stealing money.

10.Miss Lucy (got off, let off, showed off) her pleasant voice by singing four songs.

11.The unwanted thing has been (taken off, taken into, taken out) of the house.

12.This is Andrew’s ball; it (points to, belong to, turns to) him.

13.Good workers are never (come off, cast off, ticked off)

14.Do not (give in, give up, give way) to sweet talks.

15.Soft drinks are the most important thing for our picnic; see that they are not (put out, lost out, left out).

16.Gloria (set aside, set up, set off) some rags for making dolls.

17.The doctor gave an injection to the person who (passed off, passed on, passed out).

18.Dr Thomson (points to, points out, look out) the advantage of taking fruit.

19.The frightened girl (gave up, gave in, gave away) the soldier’s hiding place.

20.(Come on, Come up, Come off) to the branch of tree; it is very cool here.

Phrasal verbs

PHRASAL VERB = verb + preposition.
Example: cut (potong) – verb
Cut + into = cut into (Phrasal verb)
New meaning : divided
(dibahagikan kepada beberapa bahagian)


A.Underline the phrasal verbs in the following sentences. Then, use dictionary to find its meaning in English and Malay.

1. Nancy took out 20 cent from her purse to pay the hawker.
2. The bus driver was ticked off for driving recklessly.
3. The tricycle belongs to Harold.
4. Has anything been left out?
5. Mr. Ken has come across many obstacles in life.
6. The teacher will not stand for laziness.
7. The doctor set aside some medicine for urgent use.
8. Rex thought the animal was a leopard but it turned out to be a cheetah.
9. Madam Don pointed out what was untrue.
10. Don’t come up to the roof; it’s dangerous.
11. The child has been admitted to a kindergarten.
12. Pam showed off her new watch to her friends.
13. The postman always goes about with a hat on his head.
14. The clerk went through the notes carefully.
15. The sick baby must be attended to at all times.
16. Do not go against good advice.
17. Dickson passed out as a lieutenant in the air force.
18. Clay gave up the fight after losing the 8th round.
19. It is not easy to give away all your money.
20. Sylvia has given in her name for the choir.

Monday, August 11, 2008


1.He made his escape by jumping ______ a window and jumping ______ a waiting car.

A. over / into

B. between / into

C. out of / between

D. out of / into

2.To get to the Marketing department, you have to go ______ those stairs and then ______ the corridor to the end.

A. between / into

B. out of / between

C. out of / into

D. up / along

3.I saw something about it ______ television.

A. in

B. on

C. at

D. through

4.I couldn't get in ______ the door so I had to climb ______ a window.

A. through / in

B. between / into

C. out of / between

D. out of / into

5 She took the key ______ her pocket and put it ________ the lock.

A. over / into

B. between / into

C. out of / in

D. by / on


Read the text below and fill in the gaps with suitable words.

“A Visit to Paris”

Last year I visited Paris. It was a present ____________(1) won in “Spell It Right Competition”. I came out as ____________(2) champion. So, my trip to Paris was fully sponsored ____________(3) New Straits Time.

I arrived at Paris airport at 9.00 o’clock in the morning. It was summer ___________(4) the temperature was seventeen degree Celsius. I was not used to it. So, I put on a black leather jacket that my uncle ____________(5) for me.

After I picked my luggage, I had to __________(6) past the immigration. They checked my luggage and welcomed me to Paris.

As I was leaving the immigration, I _________(7) a tall blonde man holding a big card with my name on it. I approached him and ____________(8) myself.
He said to me;”Bonjour mamoiselle Zakiah. I am Pierre Aston”
“Bonjour”, I ___________(9) in my funny accent.

Pierre gave me a sincere smile and ushered me to a limousine waiting outside the airport. Pierre, drove _________________(10)through the cosmopolitan city.


1. Champion :_____________
2. Sponsored :_____________
3. Ushered :_____________
4. Cosmopolitan :_____________

From Firdaus, the next Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor

What I Would Be in 20 Years Time

Thank you to the master of ceremony. A very good morning to the respected panel of judges, teachers and members of the floor; my name is Muhammad Nor Firdaus bin Mohd Yusoff.

To be honest, I have been looking for some things to talk about today. On my list were global warming, girls and agriculture but I cannot help to find my own future plan as the most interesting of all. So, on this wonderful beautiful morning, I will share with about what I would be in 20 years time.

Now, I am 15 years old and I have already started to imagine and have in fact planned how my future would be. In 20 years time, I would be 35 years old. At that time, I would have a degree on medical studies from Harvard University or probably from University of Malaya. I would have also gained my doctorate in specific area of medical as I want to be a succesfull heart surgeon who rescues many lives and save people from grief. I would work in a government hospital because I believe it is the best place to gain experience and training. When I have enough experience and is stable financially, I would open my own hospital. My hospital would offer the best service for the poor and affluent because my intention of becoming a doctor is based purely to help others.

I also think about following Dr Sheikh Muzaffar Shukor’s footstep on being an astronaut except I would be the first Malaysian to step on Mars. At that time, I would be slimmer and more handsome. I am sure I would be far better looking than him. In Mars, I would take as many specimens I can so that back on earth, I can investigate and examine whether there is a possibility for humans to live on Mars. I would make sure that Mars would be one of the most frequented tourist destinations. Perhaps, I can run a space travel agency. Like Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor, I would like to run a food business which sells variety healthy choices of food. I want to educate Malaysians to eat well and live life to the fullest.

Morever, I would build my own Charity association under my name. What do you think of Firdaus Trustee Foundation? My foundation would aim at educating the children. I want to ensure all children in Malaysia and all over Asia to have quality education. No child would be left behind. No child would be illiterate. Any professionals and members of community could join the foundation. The fee charge for membership would be minimal. Members could contribute according to their ability. I would prefer people who could devote their time for the charity as most programmes that I would plan for the children require time. Imagine those unfortunate children in Acheh. Most of them are victims of tsunami and diseases who are left alone unattended at young age. Many people only provide food, medical and shelter. However, I believe what they need most is the best tool to help them survive in this era of globalisation. The tool, undoubtedly, is education. What I would need is manpower to run schools in Acheh and other places with similar problems. I would need teacher to teach them subject matter and to guide them spiritually. I would need ICT experts to provide them the ICT skills. I need doctor to teach them how to take care of their hygiene. I would also collaborate with other established charitable organisations like Mercy Malaysia and Red Crescent Society to achieve my goal.
The schools that I run for the children in Malaysia and Asia would follow the international curriculum so that the children would be able to compete at the international level. For example, I would build a modern school in remote Sabah. The school would be equipped with ICT, sports facilities and hostels. Teachers would be employed from all over the world.

Like any red-blooded man, I will definitely think of settling down. I would marry a beautiful and intelligent woman. Remember behind a successful man, there is a woman. A great woman should support her husband morally and in crisis, she should be able to give solution. In short, a woman I shall marry would be a woman who has both external and inner beauty. She would love me as much as she loves her life. She would give birth to 2 children, a boy and a girl. We would live in a lovely, comfortable bungalow beautifully situated on a top of a hill, further from the hustle and bustle of the city so that I could have peace.

Furthermore, I would lead an active and healthy life. This is important for wealth is meaningless without a good health. I would wake up early in the morning and jog down and up the hill. Then I would have fruit juice or broccoli juice for breakfast because they are the best anti-oxidant. On weekends, I would spend my time with my family. I would take photographs of my children with nature as the background. I want to teach them to appreciate nature. I would also bring them to bird watching and trekking at forest reserve.
I know maybe some of you think, I am only 15 years old, too young to think about my own future that is abstract or still obscure. I believe such a future plan; will be a target and motivation for me to work very hard, just like an alarm, when I start to be lazy or start to give up on myself.

Before I end my speech, I would like to recite a poem entitled “Children of the Millennium” This poem describes how I perceived my present world and how I want it to be a better place for children like me in the next 20 years.

We, children of the millennium, are small adults
We grow up in a fast 'speed driven' culture,
Where 'learning pressures' change our kind of games,
Where is our childhood, in all this hurly burly,
Where is our pure untainted view of things,
Why do we have to grow so old, so early,
And lose the joy that only childhood brings.

We, children of the millennium live our lives, oblivious to the world
And all the hardships, wars, the grief and sadness,
We stand, waiting for our lives to be unfurled.
We have time to grow, and gain an understanding,
Of each new phase, each change along the way,
As we grow slowly, our senses all expanding,
As children all we want is only a brighter future

So please teach us how to survive in this world
Please guide us to be better citizen of the world

With that, I thank you.


IDENTIFYING ERRORS: Read the sentences below and identify the errors.

Sentence with error : There is many people at the zoo.
Correct sentence : There are many people at the zoo.
Type of error : Subject-verb agreement

1. Most of the students is at the field exercising.
2. I must finished my homework by Monday.
3. Hisham father is leaving for Japan this Friday.
4. My mother have told me not to worry about the coming examination.
5. The students in 3A is going for a trip to Langkawi next week.
6. Malaysia is a beutiful country.
7. The men were fishing at the sea yesterday when he saw a mermaid.
8. The striker passes the ball to Hassan and she kicks it hard into the goal.
9. The policemen caught the robber and puts him in the lock up.
10. Eating at home is more better than eating out.
11. You are not allow to wait here.
12. My grandmother bakes an chocolate cake for my birthday.
13. I receive a letter from Johan last Monday.
14. Mrs Hannah delivered Salina home because Salina was sick.
15. The bus driver as well as his passengers were not hurt in the accident.
16. My school won the spelling bee competition for the three time.
17. Reading brings a lot of benefit to us.
18. One of the child is found walking alone at the street.
19. You must studying the question before you answer.
20. When he arrives at the post office, the counter was already closed.
21. While I was having my dinner, my mother was calling me.